AI & ML-Based Security Protection Against Spamming And Phishing Attacks

A regulated technological stack to help organisations and telemarketers defend against phishing and ransomware threats


Every year more than 5 billion phishing attacks are targeted in India, resulting in more than INR 1500 crore in losses
Source: Times Of India

Why Route Guard?

Route Guard is an innovative AI and ML-based solution driven by blockchain that provides advanced security features to prevent phishing and spam attacks. Its powerful, advanced algorithms can quickly identify suspicious and malicious SMS messages for MNOs and block them to ensure the security and integrity of your messages.

How it works?


Prevent financial losses

Easier to detect suspicious behaviours

Secured data protection

With high-security measurements, it can prevent hacks and fraud

Greater decision-making for stakeholders

Transparent data analytics and reports

Anti-phishing mechanism

Reliable and trusted framework

Use Cases

Digital Identity Protection

Verifies the identity of users while they interact with online services. It would work by having users register their digital identities with a trusted third-party service. For example, when a user logs in to a website, the service uses the DLT network to verify that the user is who they say they are.

Financial Identity Fraud

This technology can authenticate customer identities during account creation and secure the customer’s data in a distributed ledger. This way, customers can ensure their data is secure and not shared with fraudulent sources.

Supply Chain Fraud

The technology can also monitor the communication between buyers and suppliers and track the financial transactions. It can detect suspicious activity, flag it, and alert the relevant parties for further investigation. This technology can also help to identify fraudulent transactions, enabling businesses to take preventive measures and protect their data.