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By 2024, the worldwide blockchain market is anticipated to be worth $60 billion!
Source: transparencymarketresearch

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Route Ledger

Based on blockchain technology, our Telecom DLT Platform enables telecom regulators and operators to govern and regulate the telecom commercial communication (SMS/Call) ecosystem, transforming business and improving the status quo of human affairs.

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A distributed ledger replicated across users on a specific network. It provides a secure and immutable way to store and share data across multiple parties. Blockchain organizes data into groupings known as blocks. When one of the data storage blocks concludes, it immediately joins to another block. As a result, blockchain has a system of chain structure. It enables real-time, secure, and transparent transactions, making it ideal for different telecom and financial applications.

DLT Solution

Data scrubbing in the blockchain cleanses data by removing errors and inconsistencies. This ensures the accuracy and completeness of data stored in the blockchain ledger. Data scrubbing helps reduce the required storage space and speeds up verifying and processing transactions. Data scrubbing also helps to reduce the risk of data corruption and prevents malicious actors from manipulating blockchain data.

Route Guard

Route Guard can be used to combat phishing attacks through intelligent contracts. Smart contracts are programs stored on the blockchain that execute transactions when conditions are met. Smart contracts can be used to create an automated system to verify the authenticity of any communication sent to a user. This would help to ensure that only legitimate SMS messages are sent to users while suspicious or malicious SMS’s are blocked.

How It Functions?



Once a smart contract is deployed on Blockchain, it is irrevocable


Transactions recorded within DLT cannot be altered or deleted


All records and audit trails generated by DLT are 100% counterfeit-proof and verifiable

Resilient Infrastructure

Allows participants to trust a common process by decoupling the proof of data from the actual source of data

Use Cases

Financial Institutions

All financial transactions can be securely stored and tracked, allowing quicker and more accurate accounts receivable reconciliation. Organisations will have greater security and transparency when dealing with financial transactions.

Internal Telecom Operations

This ledger technology can also provide a secure, real-time data exchange between telecom operators, vendors, and customers, enabling more efficient and secure transactions among network entities.

Supply Chain Management

Route Ledger can be used in supply chain management to provide greater transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain. You can track products from their origin to the consumer and create immutable records of the product’s journey.